Expert opinions is perhaps the most comprehensive service we provide. In the course of due diligence research, interviews and surveys, information of primary importance is revealed. Our due diligence reports are valued for their depth, insight and accuracy.

Expert opinions and compliance reviews/reports
Extensive experience in loan level analysis
Extensive experience in documenting operational servicing risks
Servicing policy and procedure
Analysis and review


Our advisory services are well known in the mortgage industry. Whether acting in a consulting capacity or as an advocate for consumer rights. Our objective is to provide excellent service and results.

Expert witness services
Specialized skills in property analysis in complex mortgage loan servicing issues
Specialize skills in documenting complex mortgage servicing issues
Development of litigation strategy
Extensive experience in day to day mortgage loan servicing operation industry risk analysis
Extensive experience in loan modification policy and procedures, including Home Affordable Modification Program “HAMP”
Fair Credit and Fair Lending issues